Relocation Services Bulgaria
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Coming soon...
We have intentionally left this field spacerempty since so far we haven't spacerspacerencountered a project that would spacerbe considred "major" by spacerspacerspacerinternational standarts.

spacerWe take great pride in our work
spacerand as evidenced by the spacerspacerspacertestimonies on the right so far spacerspacerwe've received a lot of positive spacerfeedback

spacerSince RSB is a young and quickly spacerdeveloping company such
spacerprojects are sure to come - keep spacerchecking our website for future spacerupdates

Toni Barazza
Web design project manager - Aplus.Net

Back in 2005 I visited my boyfriend, who was working as a Customer Support supervisor in Bulgaria. I instantly fell in love with the country and the people and I decided to stay...