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Our full range of services
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Immigration and legal assistance

Housing and property management

Schooling and partner employment

Language and cultural training

Entertainment and tourism

All of our services can be bundled in package that suits exclusively your needs.
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Paperwork done the human way
At RSB we're well aware that the process of relocation is not only about finding a place to stay and learning the language. As with any other country Bulgaria has its bureaucracy and dealing with it can be frustrating for a foreigner.

This is why we offer to assist with all the paperwork needed for registering your company, or issuing the visa / work permit for your stay in Bulgaria.
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Establishing a company in Bulgaria

It is often the case that foreign investors in land or real estate decide to register a company under Bulgarian law, so that they can act as a legal entity when managing their investment.

This is why RSB and our legal partners have established a quick and easy procedure to get you through the process without too much hassle.

To start this procedure our relocation executives will need a a pack of documents from the relocatee, which, depending on the home country, may take up to a month to gather.

Please make sure to contact us in advance if interested in this option so that our representatives can advise you on the best solution.

Registrations and permits :

RSB offers its assistance in issuing all
the permits for your stay in Bulgaria, whenever possible without your immediate presence

Visa assistance - Help in issuing
visas provided in cooperation with our legal partners

Department of labor registration When working as a freelance consultant one needs to register and pay social and health taxes - we offer our full administrative support

Insurance options advise - To minimize the risk of losses of natural disasters SS

Car purchase / Lease / Registration So that you can stay mobile and active in your new surroundings

Exchanging or obtaining a driving license - Provided in cooperation with our legal partners